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After registering, you will get to the data collection form, where we will ask you for crucial details that we need to set you up.

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Our team will send you a fancy Google doc and instructions. The doc will have spots for up to 10 Spanish sentences a week.

Our language admins will enter those sentences into the app with professional voice recordings done by a variety of native-speaking voiceover artists.

For the first 2 weeks, they’ll provide feedback on all of your sentences, and on up to 3 sentences per week after that.

In the app, you’ll make flashcards based on those sentences, which will dramatically boost your learning and retention from every session you have with your favorite tutor.

Rinse and repeat the following week!

Adding sentences from your *own* tutor

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Your subscription starts now. You can expect your Google doc within one business day after completing the data collection form.

You can find all of the guidelines on this link.

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